Pump the Chest. See the lights. Save a life. That is the premise for the latest American Red Cross training device, a CPR manikin called BigRed. The BigRed manikin is equipped with three interrelated sets of lights that provide immediate feedback on how an individual is performing CPR.

"Good CPR is a skill that almost anyone can do, but using the correct technique can be the difference between life and death for a person in cardiac arrest," said Richard N. Bradley, MD, FACEP, member of the American Red Cross Scientific Advisory Council, and chair of its Resuscitation Sub-Council. "The unique technology in the BigRed manikin enhances an amazing tool to improve students' ability to learn the right way to provide lifesaving assistance."

The BigRed manikin's 'LightSaving' technology will help instructors and students determine whether CPR is being performed accurately. Lights within the BigRed manikin's body reveal depth of chest compressions, rate of blood circulation and the quality of someone's CPR technique. Only proper technique will show the success of blood circulating to the brain which improves a sudden cardiac arrest victim's chance of survival.

Continuously improving on its world-class, award-winning instruction, the Red Cross is rolling out the BigRed manikin in all of its full-service and community-training classes. Although the technology utilized in the BigRed manikin is highly recommended, the BigRed manikin is not required to be used by Red Cross Authorized Providers or Licensed Training Providers.

"The technology used in BigRed manikin is a breakthrough in how instructors will teach CPR. It will improve class efficiency and skill retention for students taking CPR classes," Bradley added. "Without a doubt, it will lead to more lives being saved from sudden cardiac death."

Other notable features of the BigRed manikin include a tilting head, realistic rise and fall of the chest for rescue breaths, and realistic nasal and oral structures.

Additional information, including a video, is available at redcross.org/bigred. Red Cross training gives people the knowledge and skills they can use to save a life. For course information and registration, visit redcross.org/takeaclass.